-Tax Consulting: Management and Spanish taxes and tax customs management.

-Accounting Consulting: Based on the General Accounting Plan currently in Spain. Accounting management based on costs for adaptability to European and American accounting.

-Labour market Consulting: Applying the relevant Spanish laws on contracting and labor rights. Making payroll and social security.

-Property Management: Patrimonial integral services. Management and rent collection, accounts and financial investments.

-Real Estate Services: We offer a personalized service to sell, buy or rent properties through our company in the group 'Paexma Inmobiliaria'.

-Export/Import: Design project feasibility plan for the Export/Import and management of all procedures necessary to implement them, both European and international level.

-Other tax issues: management of inheritances, applications for subventions, both local and national or international, etc. ...

-Consulting Engineering: Design and implementation of project management software or hardware installation of computer hardware, network management, secure communications, remote access services, installation of TPV's, etc ...





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